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    Now you can reach our highly involved audience and generate huge Traffic. Its simple Promote Your Business On Basnet Blog and see the difference.

28 Feb 2012


We Are Sorry!

This Post Has Moved To Our New Domain

You May Download Templates From Above Link Or Click HERE

    • Column: 3 Columns/2 Sidebars/Right Sidebars/Left Sidebar
    • Fixed Width Template (1000px width)
    •  Horizontal Navigation Menus
    • Auto Read More Feature with Thumbnails.
    • 468*60 Header Ads banner 
    • 125x125 Sidebar Banners ads widgets
    • 468*60 Header Logo with the PSD file and Fonts.
    • 1 CSS Search Box Simple
    • Back To Top Button
    • Disable Blogger Navbar Completely
    • Floating Facebook Like Button
    • 1 Multi Tab View Widget.
    • Featured Auto content slider.
    • 3 Column Footer section
    • Column Footer widgets for blog
    • SEO friendly blogger title hack installed to help you rank higher in Google
    • Blogger Default Heading Tag has Changed for better SEO
    • Meta tags installed
    • Top Bar with Feed buttons and Display Day,Month,Year
    • Host images on blogger for free and use forever!
    • Favicon support so you can add your own url icon
    • Compressed CSS to speed up your page load times
    • Embedded JavaScript date code showing current day
    • Built-in Related Posts Widget to show Related posts
    • Numbered Page Navigation Hack Installed
    • Replace "Older Posts","Home","Newer Posts" Text Navigation with Images
    • Automatically highlight author comments
    • Modified Comments Section to Enable Avatars in Blogger Comments
    • More ...


    1. Hi, I have a 3 column blog but it's an old one. Please help me to add this new one you are featuring. Please contact me thanks :)

    2. @rmcandlelight:
      What features you would like to include in your blog's template please mention.

    3. Hi, webmaster just wanted to say thanks. This blog is the first one whose tips and instructions actually works - finally I have made a progress using yours and yours only tactics. I enjoy reading your blog and I have followed closely your tutorial to make my blog better. Thanks so much for sharing, I really love your effort in educating us with unique and quality posts.

    4. Dear Mr. Basnet I have a problem in changing theme of my blog Its name is . It is news based blog. On changing the theme by uploading any new theme I get this message -"We were unable to save your template

      Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
      Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
      XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog." It bears the template as - " PK ��� � \f<��Ģ���. �� ���Elodja/ads.php���
      �0 ��
      � ��K~¥ ��1� A9���͚O�!��D��u T�Y��X��kS[ �5aW� eԱW��\ ~H� ��G9]� }�7h��e�'�,�� b �z#�
      |K)(#�^!�ˀҹ lQ��r� � ��DD|t��d~ PK
      Please help me I tried yours as well other template but the same was repeated. I even tried this in other computer machine but it was the same.
      I came to know that the theme if blogger I am using is in xml and now I tried to upload is html. And I cannot edit it as I dont have any training on it. So please help me to upload a new theme like yours (I prefer a theme for news like which has 6-7 featured post sliders and all posts bearing the front/first photo as its icon/thumbnail and every post is published with read more, with 3 column to let my widget publish in it and a changeable menu. Please help me and tell me what am I supposed to do it. If needed I may also provide my password and user id to you.I usually update 2-3 times a day. Thanking You,

      1. Hello Mr.A.K Rai, I am really very Sorry to respond this slow. However, I found the bug and I would kindly request you to mail me your Log in details along with numbered features you would like to include in your blog. For example see below:

        1. Featured Content Slider
        2. Image or colorful Background
        3. Automatic Read More Hacks
        4. 1 Columns, 2 Columns etc, etc, etc.....

        It might take a week (once you submit details)to design template for your blog, all for free. Further you may contact me via contact form HERE

    5. Thank you for this great Minima template collections. I have named as Elite Minima blogger template collections. Elite Minima, a Free Premium Blogger template designed where some cool Features can be added.
      Thank you again for giving us this beautiful templates.

    6. This is a very good template.I should try it the next time I create a new blog.Thanks for sharing


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