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    Now you can reach our highly involved audience and generate huge Traffic. Its simple Promote Your Business On Basnet Blog and see the difference.

28 Mar 2012


I don’t want to migrate was my first word with my friend when I first read the post ‘Customize Your Search Preferences’ posted by Bruce Polderman, Product Manager in the latest from blogger buzz. Like many others this was one of my most awaited features which Blogger has just announced in blogger draft. Blogger Team is trying every possible way to get closer to its biggest competitor Wordpress in terms of development and I believe in the next few years to come it will definitely beat all of its competitors to provide us free, blogging platform with added advanced features.

“……ensuring that your blog, posts, and images are accurately indexed so they appear correctly in search results is valuable. Today we introduced a suite of new features that enable you to more effectively customize your search preferences. Managing how your blog is viewed by search engines is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy blog, regardless of whether you’re new to blogging, or a seasoned veteran……”
                                                                                                                                                                          -Source: Blogger Buzz

If you log in to blogger dashboard the first thing you’ll notice is a new “Search preferences” option under the “Settings” tab. Trust me once you click on search preference link you will just credit blogger just like I did. Read Individual Post Below.

Six important SEO options that has been added to Blogger in draft are:

1. Meta Tags for Homepage and Sub-pages
2. 404 Error Page
3. Custom Redirects for broken links
4. Custom Robots.txt
5. Custom robots header tags
6. Nofollow attribute for post Editor links

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