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    Now you can reach our highly involved audience and generate huge Traffic. Its simple Promote Your Business On Basnet Blog and see the difference.

7 Feb 2012



Do you want your blog to get listed on search engines? No problem! All you need to work on is adding few magical codes “ABB##$##^^$##&*****####”. Believe me or not but believing in this code means that you are indeed making good fun of yourself in the world of today's day of internet marketing. Yes, you should use few magical codes but it’s not something like ”ABB##$##^^$##&*****####”. Actually you have to add a Meta Tags to your web pages so that you gain success in bringing your web page on top of the search engine results.

There are various articles on blogs, web sites, forums mentioning Meta Tags as an important value for their search results. But I have also read few articles that has stated that Meta Tags have never been a guaranteed way to gain a top ranking on the crawls made by search engine robots to bring the web pages on the top of the search-engines list. All together, different people have different views about the importance of the Meta Tags so let us not bother about the discussions people are making about instead of going deep into the topic.

     So, What Are Meta Tags in Reality?

"Actually, Meta Tags are the information inserted into the head section of web pages. Line of codes inserted into the HTML head section of your web page that describes what a web page is about and what information your page contains are called Meta Tags."

Meta Tags comprises of several heads. Among all the heads below discussed three topics are most important.

Title Tag acts as a hint to a search engines as well as a visitor visiting the website. It provides with the basic idea of your entire web page of your blog.
For example : If your blog is about Blogger Tutorials  than the title would be something like “Blogger Guide” or “Blogger Blog Tricks And Tips” or "Blogger Tricks" or "Tricks For New Blogger", etc. Now this title is adequate enough for the visitors to have a basic information about what the blog is really about.

This part contains the information about your web page. It would be clean to say a description about the title.
For example : “Blog about Blogger Tips, Blogger Templates, Widgets, Hacks” or "The Original Wordpress And Blogger Blog Tricks And Tips For Beginners" or "Blog to Problog and Problog to Problogger and Problogger to Problogging."

The most important part of Meta Tags are keyword tag or keyword phrases. Keywords have a vital role to play for the outcome of the results on the searches made by the searchers. People types different keywords to find the web pages of their choice.
For Example : Blog, Blogger, Blogging, Blogspot, Wordpress tricks and tips, free blogging tips.


  1. good tutorial

  2. whenever i search for Search Engine Optimization Promotion blogs... i get a list of useful topics of your blog....
    keep posting

  3. This is quite simple search engine optimization stuff and all beginner business owners/staff has to read this. One thing is about Meta keywords. some say that it's not crucial anymore. I still put keywords in there but apparently search engine does not read those anymore. What do you think?

  4. Simple yet important factors in SEO. As far as I know, keywords are not important in seo anymore, in the sense that it is not seen in search results though it was still needed in optimizing websites.


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